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Dear community,

I am a student from Germany who is very interested in working in the United States financial sector.
My Bachelor's degree was obtained by me at the University of Frankfurt where I scored within the top 10% with majoring in Economics and Econometrics in particular. Now I am doing a 1 year Master's program at the University of Amsterdam which is focused on Quantitative Finance. At the GRE I scored 318 - 161Q, 157V but am very confident that I can boost this score by 5-10 points. I did multiple internships; one at Accenture, a working student position at a German Hedge Fund boutique, one internship at a big German Asset Manager (in their Quant Portfolio Management) and one at one of the biggest European banks in Global Markets. Here in Amsterdam, I will probably start to work in Financial Risk Management advisory for derivatives exposures of banks at a big 4 company.

My question is:
Does it make sense for me to study in the USA for a second Master degree with the end goal of being recruited to an American job?
A buddy of mine went to MIT for his Master's degree and started to work for BlackRock afterward. MIT is probably not achievable for me but I am confident in getting the needed prerequisites for Vanderbilt or USC (could you maybe name other Tier2 MSF programs?).
Additionally, I read somewhere that the fact that one already gets a graduate degree will hurt the chances of getting into an MSF program, is that right?

Thank you in advance for your help!