Internship choice: 2nd tier Canadian bank IBD vs Jefferies S&T --> for a long term goal in PE

Hi, I would appreciate some advice on my internship choices. I have a long term goal to get into PE.
Both of the offers I received are Hong Kong based:
1: 2nd tier Canadian bank's IBD
2: Jefferies S&T

From what I understand and research, Ive learnt that the Canadian bank's ibd unit has close to zero deal exposure considering it has a small branch here, but great team culture and an investment banking experience. Meanwhile, Jefferies' name value and pay is a lot higher, but decreases my chances into getting into PE in the long run. I do have one more summer left and would appreciate any advice/opinions! Thank you.

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May 11, 2019

what year are you, sophomore or junior?
I would say this dilemma only exists if you are in your sophomore year, if you are a junior, you should take the Canadian IBD and try network for lateralling to full-time. If you are still a sophomore, the choice is more up to you, but neither sophomore nor junior internships should affect PE recruiting unless you are looking for PE out of undergrad.

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May 11, 2019

I am looking to recruit for PE out of undergrad. and hence deciding... I know that moving from S&T to PE is a needle in a haystack, but I want to ask if an IBD summer experience with zero deal experience would be advantageous? Or maybe I can ask people at the bank about some potential deal flows to help with the decision?

May 12, 2019

if you are looking for PE out of undergrad then you should even more take the IBD internship.

May 11, 2019


May 11, 2019
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