Internship experience you haven't started yet?

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How would you approach listing an internship experience on your resume that you're about to start? Would you even list it at all? What about in the middle of?

I have a full-time 6 month co-op that starts in January and ends in July at a bank in Boston, however SA 2020 recruiting is going to start before or in the middle of the co-op. If it helps I'm currently a sophomore.

Obviously this experience will put me in a very good place but how would recruiters/banks know if I don't list it on my resume? I greatly appreciate the help.

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Nov 5, 2018


Greed is Good

Nov 5, 2018

Great question for your career services center at your school. I'm sure they've seen this hundreds of times and can share best practices.

My opinion: yes, include it on your resume. It demonstrates i) finance is more than a passing interest, ii) you've successfully interviewed for a position, and iii) you'll gain experience before you start the SA stint.

Nov 5, 2018

With recruiting being so accelerated, it was acceptable and even expected last year (SA 2019) to list your sophomore summer internship as upcoming, incoming, whatever you want to phrase it, on your resume - you basically had to if you wanted to apply early.

I don't think SA 2020 will be in full swing in January, but if so, it's fine to list "Upcoming: Investment Banking Co-Op Analyst" or whatever - recruiters have seen it the last year or two and that early on it's expected. Hopefully your recruiting is starting more towards April/May at earliest... in which case you can put "January 2019 - Present" and some bullet points relating to experience. If you have to apply early, circle back in May or so and update your resume everywhere you've applied to include the experience.

Agree with the point above that it shows you've interviewed for a finance job before, and you'll be doing something sophomore summer.

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Nov 5, 2018

Definitely include an incoming internship. I did it and it shows that you have something lined up since recruiting is super early now

Nov 5, 2018