Interview for an Origination Trader role? How to prepare?

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Origination Trader


The business' bias is towards customized structures to meet specific needs for each developing economy and, often, for specific customers. Origination plays an essential role within TSF, charged with finding new commercial opportunities as well as establishing new and maintaining existing customer relationships. Origination traders also lead the development of viable structures and business opportunities while keeping a close eye on the market for new developments/arbitrage opportunities. Preferred candidates to have a good grasp of macroeconomic trends, interest rates & FX markets and the functioning of banking sector - whether acquired through past work experience or educational background.

Origination traders are also expected to drive each of their trades working closely with experienced in-house Legal and Tax colleagues (for due diligence), with structuring & distribution colleagues (to document & on-sell the trades) and finally overseeing deals settlement with Admin colleagues. Working within a collegiate work environment where respectful candor is encouraged. Candidates should have good time management skills to prioritize tasks/workload while working on existing deals and finding new opportunities.

Besides market know-how and working closely among colleagues, Origination is expected to meet with clients and maintain a close relationship to understand client needs. Building and maintaining strong relationships with clients is one of the foremost objectives. Having local market knowhow and local contacts is a plus. Past experience in banking/finance is a plus but not a requirement. Work experience in the fields of sales & marketing are also welcome.

Are any of WSO's guide going to be helpful in this interview? Can someone tell me more about how I can find out more about what 'origination' traders do?


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