Interview prep - transaction advisory


I've got an assessment day coming up and I am trying to prepare but need some help with what to focus on. The group I'm interviewing with offers transaction advisory services for private equity firms through the whole investment cycle, and covers financial DDs, exits, as well as operational improvement of portfolio companies.

I've been told it will be 3 hours set aside for a case study, followed by 4 hours for financial modelling. I was thinking of getting one of the WSO courses, or sign up for some classes with WSP, however, I don't know which package to get. Based on the groups profile, I assume relevant cases are those on, say on carve-outs, PMI or mergers, and not those focussed on marketing or supply chain. Does the WSO consulting pack cover these topics?

For the modelling part, do you think this will be more on valuations, or would I need to prepare for an eventual LBO as well?

It's my first time having an interview like this, so don't really know what to expect and want to prepare as best as possible. So, if someone more experienced with interviewing for these kinds of positions have any useful insights, I'd be very grateful!

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Jan 9, 2019