Interview process for Quant PM


I am interested in how multi strat hedge funds organize the interview process for Quant PMs. Would be great if someone with direct or indirect knowledge of this could share it here. I worked at a Quant hedge fund for about 5 years and am planning to move into a PM role at some point. My current fund is not siloed, I.e. we have one team which is responsible for all strategies.

Do they ask technical questions/brainteasers/programming questions? Similar to Quant research positions?

Who will interview you? Do they have specific teams for this? I guess if current quants or PMs interview you there is some conflict of interest as you would compete for the same pot of money to manage? Or am I wrong?

How much of your strategies are you supposed to share? Obviously you can't tell them everything because then they can just implement it themselves without hiring you?

How can you deal with the fact that so far I don't have a pnl stream that could attributed to me. I can obviously say something about live and backtest performance of the stuff I would like to run but cannot provide a pnl series.

Thanks for your help.

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Mar 15, 2019