Interview Questions for Multifamily Development Firm

What sort of questions do you think would be good conversation starters when your speaking with a multifamily developer. So to clarify, if I'm being interviewed by this development firm, what are some high level questions that I could ask them that they might be impressed by or at least show that I know what their day to day life looks like.

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Aug 11, 2019

About to interview at mf developer for internship during school year too so interested also.

Aug 11, 2019

Ask them about the cities that they target to build in, ask them about the times they've knocked it out of the park on a deal or to talk about their favorite development and a time when things turned for the worse/didn't go exactly as planned. Ask them about 2008 (unless it's a newer firm) and what they did to survive during this downturn. Ask them about their financing and equity structure (do they take on an ass load of leverage?).

Ask if they have a mentorship program. This shows that you're wanting to learn. I asked this in my interview and they were kind of surprised by it. The answer was no, they didn't have a mentorship program, however they were always open to communication and explanation. This has been 100% true. I've heard stories from a friend about asking his boss questions and he gets ticked off and answers with short one liners (figure it out, google it, etc.). Doesn't make a conducive work/learning environment. This is detrimental to your career at this stage imo.

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Aug 13, 2019


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Aug 14, 2019