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Lateral hiring for an analyst role in an industry group at a BB. Don't have specific IBD experience but somehow made it this far. First interview was last Friday, second was yesterday, now I have the final one coming up next week.

Interview 1: VP, mix of fit and technical questions. Nailed the technicals, told my story well. Left happy.

Interview 2: Two analysts, purely technical. One had a list of standard valuation questions, which I could do. The other had all LBO questions, which I didn't know at all. Was convinced I wouldn't hear back afterwards.

Somehow, this morning I got a call saying they'd like me to meet with the Group Head for all of Europe.

1) Am I right in assuming someone that senior would only ask behavioural/fit stuff? (In any case I'm studying LBO);
2) Is it possible they're giving interviews with the Group Head to all their second round candidates? I'm just really amazed I got through after my sh** second round interview.

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Feb 22, 2018