Interviewed and then emailed a couple days later like it never happened

On Friday I had a phone interview for an ER internship at a boutique (which i'll admit didn't go well), he told me I could expect to hear from him within 10-14 days, but then today I got an email saying "This week was very busy, how does Tuesday work for you?".

From that email I get the vibe that he doesn't remember having the phone call with me and is trying to reschedule it as if he got busy Friday and wasn't able to call me. Though I guess it could also possibly be a 2nd round interview. Do I clarify with him? Or just roll with it and see what happens?

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Sep 15, 2014 - 3:15pm


Just make him think he had a stroke over the weekend.

haha my sides.

i guess if you're forgettable enough it can be beneficial. i would go ahead with it. i doubt the place would have two rounds over the phone with the same guy so he almost certainly forgot. strong chance he remembers you during the mulligan though so be sure you know what the move from there.

Sep 15, 2014 - 1:26pm

I too say, just go with it. You know the questions he's going to ask too so you should be well prepped for it!

This kind of happened to me last week. I interviewed with 3 different people for a position on Tuesday, and then the 3rd person told me it was going to be for an unpaid internship which I said, nope, can't do an unpaid internship and we just shook hands and parted ways.

First person I talked to that day emailed me Friday saying they are going to get back to me next week (Now this week) regarding the position. So apparently the 3 of them haven't talked about it because I told 2 of the 3 that I wouldn't be able to do an unpaid.

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