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I have a skype interview with Capital IQ for a Client Management/Sales position, what is new to me is the fact I am not interviewed by a recruiter from the firm, instead I am being interviewed by a third party recruiter from a recruiting agency.

For those who had similar experiences, is there any difference between interview by a firm recruiter and a third party recruiter? I usually do a lot of company research before going into any interview, but in this case, I don't know if the recruiter will delve really deep into the specifics of Capital IQ because the recruiter doesn't actually work there. How else should I prepare for the interview?


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Feb 22, 2012

I'm in the same situation (different company/position) on Friday, any help would be appreciated...

Feb 23, 2012

Bueller, Bueller....

Feb 24, 2012

just had the interview with the recruiter, it was pretty casual conversation, and the recruiter was giving me advices on how to better my resume, I thought it was a weird process when it finally occurred to me that, third party recruiters gets commissions by champions their candidates to the end firm and having the their candidates actually getting the job. so third party recruiters are on your side, its not a "objective" interview process where they are trying to identifying whether you are good or not for the job, once you meet a certain standard, you are in, and it is in your interest and theirs that you get the job (they get commission you get in).
advice is be honest and work with your recruiter

Feb 24, 2012