Interviewing after accepting an offer

I've recently accepted an AM SA 2022 offer from a top BB in NYC but the other day I was invited to do a superday with a pretty low-tier bank for their IB SA program. I've been wanting to do a career in IB but truly am not 100% set on having to do IB especially this summer and at this bank. I really like the AM team and would feel terrible reneging but I do find IB more interesting and would like to wind up there. Again this is a pretty low tier bank still think its a BB but has a not so great rep for the IB.

A few questions I have:

  • Are there any consequences to interviewing with the IB? i.e. could the current AM place find out?

  • Do I/How do I speak about this other offer I've accepted with the IB if I do the interview?

I would pretty much never renege unless the IB turns out to be way better than I expected and gives me an amazing offer but just wanted to hear some peoples thoughts on this.

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Nov 17, 2021 - 9:55pm

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