Interviewing for full time ER role, got a job offer from a non finance firm, should I bring it up?

I am currently interviewing for a number of roles: ER Associate, Credit Analyst with an Insurance Company, and a Research Analyst role for a data services provider.

Today I received a verbal offer from the data services provider with a formal written offer expected by Tuesday or Wednesday. I have my third round of interviews for the ER role tomorrow morning, should I bring up that I have an offer from a non-finance firm? The job offer I have is not prestigious or even comparable, and ER is my number one choice, but I am currently unemployed and cannot afford to spurn a job offer.

The offer I received will have a two business day deadline from the time I receive the formal offer to accept.

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Oct 24, 2017

Can you extend the deadline for the non-finance job? If they aren't amenable to extending it, I would accept the offer and be prepared to renege if the ER offer comes through. It's not a great thing to do, but this is your career we're talking about.

I think that letting the ER guys know that you have an offer is smart because, if you do end up reneging, it's best to have the firm you are reneging for in the loop. Also, there's a small chance it will speed up their process.

I was in a similar situation last year. It was easily the most stressful week of my life.

Oct 24, 2017

Appreciate the response, this is the route I am planning to take.

How did it end up working out for you?

Oct 24, 2017

It worked out fine. I received the ER offer a week before my start-date at the other company. The fallout from reneging was less-than-ideal but they probably don't remember my name now a year later.

Just don't rely on HR to keep you updated. I made this mistake. After your next round, be proactive and up-front with the lead analyst, tell him you have another offer but they are your first choice.

Oct 24, 2017