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Got an interview for the back office for a large investment bank - Summer Analyst
Will be assigned in either Operations or Trading Risk Services

Operations: Responsible for end to end transactional services by
ensuring the appropriate controls are in place to manage risk.

Trading Risk Services: Accountable for generating and monitoring an
independent view of the Profit and Loss, Market Risk, Liquidity
Management, Collateral and Valuation activities of the global trading

How should I prep for this with technical knowledge?
What kinds of topics should I be focusing on?

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Jan 12, 2012

never heard of such thing

Jan 12, 2012

Should be mainly fit, you want to make sure you don't approach the interview as "I'm trying to get this job to someday move to FO".

Jan 12, 2012

it would help if you told us what position you were interviewing for- ops? controller? treasury? fp&a? etc...

no one would come on this board and say, i have an interview for a FO position- how should i prepare?

Jan 12, 2012

You should know at least a little bit about the FO function you will be supporting. If it is Ops you should know the basics of the product - what it is, how it trades and settles, who the major buyers/sellers are, etc. Same with controller except you should understand the cashflow and marking of the product too. You don't need to know a ton, but simple mastery of some of this will help you nail a BO interview because most people interviewing for these positions don't know much. Also be prepared to demonstrate fit and general interest in the industry, questions like "what was the last finance-related book you read?" etc.

Jan 12, 2012

It's Operations / Trading Risk

How much technical stuff is there for a SA position?

Jan 12, 2012