Investment Bank Switching to G Suite

Hi all,

My shop (boutique IB), is considering switching to G Suite. Obviously, all the junior bankers are revolting given that Google Sheets is not compatible with Cap IQ and FactSet. Accordingly, they are meeting us halfway by transitioning Outlook to Gmail. I'm trying to think of some major differences between the two for productivity. I have come up with the following so far:

  1. You need to open up Chrome to receive notifications on emails. As well, you'd need two Chrome tabs running to show email and calendar.
  2. You can't open Excel, Word, or PowerPoint attachments without first opening the related G Suite application. You would need to download first then open with Office Suite. Do correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. You can no longer attach an Office suite document directly to email via Outlook using the share function. To send attachments through Gmail, you would need to manually drag the file into your browser.
  4. We currently sync the FactSet calendar to Outlook for earnings events. I know there is some capacity to do so with Google Calendar but not sure how the functionality would be affected.

You folks have any other major differences to note? Or just thoughts in general?

I'm overall very against switching to Gmail - sorta makes us look like a start-up and not a real investment bank. Or maybe that's just my old school thinking :)

Thanks all.

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