Investment Banks, providing the growth for the world?

I've really got into investment banking in the past few years, and a lot of people i know are more blue-collarish or "i work 9-5 until i'm 67 in a cubicle and i'll be happy" type of people (i was also one of these types in undergrad).

And anytime I get on the financial institution's sides to defend certain things, I get shit on.

But anyway, I actually believe that banks provide the opportunities (via Financing and other things) for the world to grow and expand for the better. I actually think that through financing innovation and new ideas we create a better standard of living for everyone in the world (look at india and china only 50+ years ago). I know some people exploit a lot of things in the finance world, but thats human nature.

Anyone else actually agree with me that investment banking actually does serve a great purpose in our world, or is everyone here doing just for the money?

This is not a post to start an argument, just wanted to hear some people's opinions.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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