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Hi monkeys,

I've got an offer for inv risk at a large asset manager. Like everyone else, my goal is front office, however, I want your opinion on the role itself; exit opportunity, leveraging opportunity and transferable skills.

I can only find articles related to sell side in this forum, however any buy side experience would be incredibly helpful.

How long should you stay in the role until you start feeling being pigeonholed?

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Sep 4, 2019

If one works hard and excel on the job, whilst learn what's needed for the next role, there is always opportunities in the company. IMO investment risk is a good place to start. Give yourself 1-2 years for the jump

Quant is life.

Sep 4, 2019

It is entirely possible to make the switch, be it with the same AM firm or out. Try to work on your CFA papers in the meantime

Sep 5, 2019