Investment Write-Up Advice - Where To Start?

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I am currently looking for a PE, IB, or ER job/internship coming out of a non-target undergraduate school in California (the odds are against me, I know). I have been receiving mentorship from a portfolio manager in LA, and he recommended that along with my resume and cover letter, I should have an investment write-up on a company I believe to be undervalued. My senior project was along those lines, but in the end it was overvalued instead of an attractive buy, and was tailored more towards corporate finance. My questions for this are as follows:

1) Is this worth my time to do this, and is it valuable towards being taken more seriously during the application process?
2) What size company should I be looking for? Is it better to do a large company with tons of public information to base my research off of, or is there a specific size I should be looking for?
3) I've heard mixed things about metrics I should look out for, what are some good examples of multiples and other metrics I should use?
4) Where should I start in general? Is there a site or resource you recommend for researching stocks and companies? For my senior project I had access to school databases, which is now no longer the case

Thanks for your time, any advice really does go a long way!

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Jun 6, 2018

Hi CPBDTen, check out these links:

No promises, but maybe one of our professional members will share their wisdom: @bmschmid @vwso92 @Jamboy35

You're welcome.

Jun 8, 2018

I can speak to ER.

1) Yes it is worthwhile. You are expected to have prepared a pitch or two when you interview.

2) Size doesn't matter as long as you can defend your analysis and where you think your view is different from the market

3) Relevant metrics and multiples depend on industry.

4) Yahoo finance used to have a screening tool. If they still do that's a great place to start

Hope this helps and good luck

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Jun 8, 2018
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