Invitation for interview with Rothschild MD after first-round

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Last week, I went for an interview with Rothschild Global Advisory for a long-term internship in Brussels, where I got interviewed by 5 different people who were all either analysts or assistant directors. The MD was out of town so I did not get interviewed by him. The interview consisted of both technical (walking them through different models) and personal fit questions. Yesterday I got a call saying that the MD would like to invite me over for a personal interview with him. Is this to give the final go-ahead and offer me the job or should I see it as a 2nd round interview with more emphasis on technical questions?

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Apr 4, 2018

Most probably gonna be fit questions for the final go-ahead, but be ready to be asked about technicals, you never know what to expect.

Apr 4, 2018

Thanks for the response, much appreciated!

Apr 4, 2018