Is an MBA "required" for military officers with emerging market finance goals?

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First things first I am not sure if this is the right forum for this or not - just seems like the best fit. I know the title is laughably specific but I wanted to get as much into it as I could. I also did see several other threads which provided a bit of insight but I still have questions.

I'm currently in commercial real estate investment sales/REIB, a field I plan to stay in for 2-4 more years. My long term goals are in emerging/frontier markets finance, ideally real estate (East Capital) or private equity (Leopard Capital). I know that my background isn't BB IBanking but I still consider it realistically attainable.

After 2-4 years in real estate I plan to go to OCS to join the US Army. I have done a lot of research and spending 4 years in the military will accomplish several personal goals as well as - IMO - position myself well for the international type of career I hope to have.

My question is whether an MBA is necessary after finishing in the military? I know it is sort of the assumption that vets interested in finance will do one for the networking and re-calibration of goals. However, given the specifics of my situation I don't know if it is necessary. I will be around 30 by the time I am done with the military so I just don't know if that is too late.

FWIW my target schools would be INSEAD, IMD, the London schools, or SSE (I want to spend a few+ years in Sweden). But TBH I could see an argument for doing a Master of Foreign Service at Columbia or what have you, too - again, I'd be way over the average age.

My assumption is that in the fields I am talking about, "the usual thing" goes out the window a bit so maybe I am overthinking it. I am very curious how hard it would be to reach my goals without that MBA?

Thanks a lot - any input is truly appreciated.