Is Changing Jobs Acceptable AFTER Application Submission?

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I'm currently in my fourth year as a Big Four Auditor. I graduated summa cum laude (3.6 GPA) from an engineering school majoring in management (satisfied pre-med requirements, switched my fourth year because I wanted to do business). I am way too smart for audit and want to actually DO something, not account for what someone else has done. Ultimately, I want to do management consulting. I scored a 740 (97th percentile overall, 86th Q, 95th V) on the GMAT (choked, consistently hit 780 on practice tests). My wife wants to start having kids soon so I really want to enter b-school by Fall 2011. I've been a high performer in Audit and I do very well in interviews.

Anyway, in order to position myself better for a job after business school (hopefully consulting, maybe finance), I am considering accepting an offer from another Big Four firm in M&A due diligence. The offer is considerably more than what I make now ($20k+) and I really don't want to waste my time in audit anymore, especially during busy season. The M&A due diligence job will be more interesting and will be a way for me to re-brand myself. It seems like a logical transition out of audit.

I am planning on applying to the M7 schools during Round 2 and taking a "shotgun" approach (app fees funded by my parents), hoping to be accepted by one of them.

Would I be completely screwing myself over by accepting the M&A due diligence job? Would it be better to submit my application before or after accepting the offer?