Is F100 really a lot better than non-IB/ST BB Finance Positions?

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Is F100 really a lot better than non-IB/ST BB Finance Positions?

Most people at my school consider Financial Analyst and Rotational Programs at F100 companies (Verizon, 3M, P&G, Microsoft, J&J) to be great jobs out of undergrad. Great work-life balance, great brand name, interesting work, and strong start to a career.

However, on WSO, everyone talks about how much the Finance positions and rotational programs (non-IB/S&T) at BBs are all Middle/Back Office and how terrible they are. It seems to me that also provide great work-life balance and a great brand name.

So is the work in these BB positions much less interesting and look a lot worse on your resume than F100 companies? Why?

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Jul 22, 2019

Someone more familiar with BBs as a business will know a lot more than me on this, but my guess is that it is all about perceptions- it's been shown that bronze medalists are much happier than silver medalists because the bronze is happy to be on the podium, and the silver compares themselves to the gold.

To equate that to CF, if you are in an FLDP in industry, you are one of the golden-child finance people. As far as finance goes within the company, your role is the role to have at that point in your career. You're being paid more than any other entry-level finance analyst, you have a lot more perks, travel more, etc.

If you are at a BB, there might be guys who went to your same school and were in your class who are on the IB side, making double your pay and are on a much higher trajectory. You aren't in the premier role for a finance major at your company. Does this mean you are worse off than the FLDPs in industry? No- but you don't care if you are better than bronze. You're looking over at the gold.

The other part of perceptions is how you stack up to expectations when someone sees who you work for. If someone sees you work for JPMorgan, they might initially assume IB, and then you fall short of the expectations when they learn it's BO CF. If they see you work at 3M, you'll "beat expectations" when they learn you are in their FLDP. Doesn't mean JPM's FLDP is worse than 3Ms, it just means you're at the top of the finance food chain in the latter role and somewhere beneath the top in the former.

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Jul 25, 2019