Is finance right for me?

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So i'm a 10th graders (in year 11) and am under a lot of pressure to choose my career path. Before anyone attacks me and tells me i'm too young or whatever i should mention I go to a British school and the way the system is set up is so that we specialize from 9th grade onwards. Now is the time i need to choose my a level subjects (4 subjects ) and i'm really stuck as to what i should do. Most people in my year group know what they want to do with their lives or are at least aware of the careers that interest them. I have a good idea of what subjects i enjoy and which i really don't like. My most favourite subjects currently are maths, chemistry and biology. I can't stand english or economics (especially the former). Your probably asking yourself why the heck i'm even considering working in business if i don't like economics. Well, my dad is a senior financial analysts (chartered accountant) and has gone to sever lengths to make me understand that finance is not economics as economics is very theoretical. He's given me his books to look over and i've gone into his office to help out. None of it has appealed to me in the slightest, his books and the job he does seem extremely dull and repetitive. But since my dad is an accountant it's understandable that it's boring because many people tend to find it boring. So.. that's gotten me thinking. I've always grown up with the mentality that i'll become a banker because of my parents. I honestly doubt it's for me.

Do you think i'm jumping to conclusion about what working in finance is like? I'm also considering going into medicine/pharmacy/dentistry because i like the subjects i'd be required to study and it provides job stability unlike banking.

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Apr 23, 2014

I don't know what they teach you in economics these days but even if you don't choose it now for your A-levels, that won't mean you can move into a finance role. Choose the subjects you enjoy and in which you are likely to get good grades (often that is correlated anyway). Your high school GPA will be the major determinant of the universities you'll be able to attend and subjects are secondary.

When it comes to your further education, I would encourage you to try to talk to people in jobs that interest you to find out about what their jobs entail. I dare to say most jobs are dull and repetitive, especially if you don't enjoy them.

Finally, don't be so young and worry already about job security. I wouldn't even consider banking to be so unstable. When it comes to your employer maybe, but once you're in the system and want to stay there, usually you'll find opportunities to continue working in the field.

Personally I highly regard everyone who chooses against a finance career if they think it's not for them. The world needs people that actually become biologists, engineers, nurses, etc. Without any of those there'd also be no need for finance.

Apr 23, 2014

Accounting isn't representative of finance - there are a range of jobs in finance very different from accounting.

Don't stress out, the decision isn't as big as you think it is - uncannily, I actually did A-levels in Maths, Chemistry and Biology and AS levels in English, Economics and History (did the CIE system at school in NZ).

I'm now heading into investment banking, and haven't done science since I left high school - you don't have to end up doing what you do your A-levels in.

Apr 23, 2014

You are way to young to be worried about job security, career path, etc. Take courses that are interesting to you and get good grades. It is far more important to get into a good university than to take the "right" classes in high school.

I am an accountant and I is BORING!

Apr 23, 2014

I agree with the comment about being too young and the whole thing, however I believe that you are not too young to get some work experience and build connections.

Apr 23, 2014

Didn't say that.

Apr 23, 2014

yeah , i wasnt meant to reply directly to you, sorry

Apr 23, 2014