Is it a good idea to try to get into IB when you are in your 30's?

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So, basically I moved to the US when I was 24 (with $700, 1 backpack and 0 English) and spent 5 years in CC, and then transferred to UC Berkeley Haas School of Business Undergraduate Program for 2 years. I will be graduating this spring and I am 32 right now. I just wondering what my chances are to get into IB?

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Feb 9, 2019

First of all, congrats man - that's an amazing story, and you should be really proud of yourself.

As for IB chances, I can't answer without knowing you personally, your GPA, your past experiences, etc. It sounds like you don't have any past internships in IB, so it might be difficult to get a full-time position since you're graduating this spring.

Is it a good idea? You just have to consider your goals - if you're looking to settle down soon (wife, kids), it might be difficult to balance that with IB. Do you like the kind of work that IBs do?

The business world is really large, and coming from Haas you're in a great position. Contrary to what this forum might make it sound like, IB / Wall Street isn't necessarily the best path for everyone. Have you considered working on the business side for a company like Google, Apple, etc. in California? I bet they would really find your story interesting, hours are less demanding, culture is usually better, and I bet Cal has great connections with them.

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Feb 9, 2019

Thank You! Unfortunately, I do not have any experience in IB field, as of today, since my interest in IB began to develop during the last 2 semesters. My current GPA is about 3.4-3.5. The thing is that I already have a wife and a 3-year old daughter and we are planning to have another child this year. In my opinion IB can give me the best experience possible on how the enterprises work as a whole and especially their financial structure. I know that the hours are crazy and a was majority of people last for about 3 years but I found this job is very interesting and would like to test myself as well. Also, since this job has a very fast-paced environment, I will learn faster. For my whole life I've heard the words such as "who do you think you are?" "lover your bar", "if you born poor - you die poor, no matter what you do". It was more painful when I heard those words from my own family. But I proved them that you still can make it if you really want. And now I need to set my bar even higher. I want to work for the top of the top.

P.S. Do you work for an IB company or have any experience in that field? Would love to hear any first hand feedback.

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Feb 9, 2019

Congrats man, that's a cool story. Honestly I don't think its a terrible idea; if you can break in just work for a couple of years, make bank, and then move into a less time-consuming role.


Feb 9, 2019