Is it better to apply on a Monday/Tuesday as opposed to a Friday?

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I am about to send in an application for an entry level position consulting firm, where I am going to use a partner's referral. I'm not really sure if I should send it (and an email to him letting him know I applied) on a Friday. Is there a higher chance that it will be seen on a Friday with a "I'll get to it on Monday" attitude and forgotten? I would usually wait till Monday without hesitation, but the thing is the conversation I had with him was a little under a month ago, so I'm worried about waiting any longer...

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May 10, 2012

Since it's an application I'm sure they'll get to it regardless of the day you send it. For emails though, the best times to send (and get a response) are Tues/Wed/Thurs at 7 AM (or 11 AM)

May 10, 2012

is there a reason for the 7AM v 11AM? I've always read that make sure you send it so it is in their inbox when they get in in the morning. But I feel like they will have lots of emails right when they get in, so they will pay attention and respond immediately to the important ones and then put the other ones aside for later and maybe forget about it, where as if they see it at 11AM once they are settled in, they might be more willing to to respond. Although, I usually shoot for 1030 with my emails...

So the consensus is I should send in my application on Tuesday?

May 10, 2012