Is it better to postpone/prolong my Mim?

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Hi guys!

So, I've been admitted to LSE, ESADE and INSEAD MiMs, and rejected LSE, leaving me with the last two. The ESADe program is 18,000 Euros for one year and 36,000 for a double degree, INSEAD is 50,000 euros for one degree. I was set on going to INSEAD, because a lot of people told me that it will be better for getting into management consulting, despite the novelty of the program.

However, now that the world is much different than it was 6 months ago, I am considering the following possibilities:

  1. Education may be mostly online next year, for the same amount of money - is it even worth it? A big part of what makes INSEAD attractive for me is the amount of time you spend in different countries, such as going to Singapore, Abu Dabi and China, all of which are under question given the recent developments.
  2. We may be heading for a gigantic recession, the likes of which the world had never seen before. This could mean that if you take a two-year degree, the world may be in a better place by the time you come out of the university, compared to a one-year degree.
  3. ESADE has exchange programs with a lot of other Universities, so I may be able to get a degree from both ESADE and Bocconi/Rotterdam for roughly the same price as my INSEAD degree.

This feels like convincing myself, but I just struggle to make a choice. I was so focused on INSEAD, France and finishing my education in a year, that now making this change feels hard. Do you guys think it would be rational in my situation to opt for ESADE instead of INSEAD?

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Jun 23, 2020