Is it easier to get into MBB post-MBA?

Sorry community, just want to vent a bit. I've failed many interviews but this particular one makes me really upset.

Today I received a rejection call from McKinsey for the BA position. I passed the 1st round interview with Associates/EMs but did not pass the 2nd round with partners. The feedback was that I did super well on 3 cases but 2 cases were not well structured, but the quantitative + personality fit were on point. I spent close to 3 months with idk how many sleepless nights to prepare for the cases + still work on my jobs at a Big 4 TAS. I was already dreaming of joining McKinsey (one of my dream companies) -> Harvard/Stanford/Wharton, but today after getting the call I felt a little disappointed and upset.

Anyways, I got an offer to join an MM bank for IBD so I'm not really in a bad position (and I'm still in Big 4 TAS so yeah). I still have another shot with BCG next month, but I feel a little tired, and it seems that getting a BA position with MBB is super hard.

Will it be easier if I just grind the next 2 years as IBD analyst + couple with my experience at Big 4 -> M7 MBA -> MBB?

Sorry, just want to let it out :(. Thanks, community.

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Oct 11, 2019

if you can get into a top MBA program then yes

Oct 11, 2019

It's easier if you get into an M7 MBA program, but keep in mind thats ~200k. Don't be discouraged for not getting McKinsey, you still have a shot at BCG. Keep your hopes up for that, and keep doing cases utilizing what McKinsey said you did wrong. Worst case you do MM IB and make more money as a banker than a consultant, best case, you get BCG.


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Oct 11, 2019

Yes. There will be more vacancies at that level, especially if you are applying for MBA internships. MBA-level hires tend to be substantially greater than undergrad-level hires for MBB.

Oct 11, 2019

yes, in your case it is. Since it implies you are applying off-cycle. Lots more room in post-grad (undergrad + MBA) hiring

Oct 13, 2019