Is it illegal/felony to have more than 1 Facebook account?

i've been using 3 facebook profiles concurrently for 5 years.... one for my closest friends, gf, and my family (80 friends), another for regular college/high school classmates, employers, TAs, etc... (890 friends lol). both are in my same college network, same name, just different profile pics.

and for the 3rd, in order to confuse people like profs and employers who type in my college email and tries to dig up the profile associated with it so that the fake profile will come up instead. this is a fake name like "janet smith" with a random pic i got off google images of some random 22 yro dude.

today my law school buddy said that was illegal and i could go to jail or massively fined for it.

is this illegal?

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Nov 6, 2011 - 5:58am

I don't know if having three fb profiles is illegal but the very fact that you actually HAVE them is disturbing. Talk about leading a double (triple?) life :|

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Nov 6, 2011 - 9:14am

Is this serious? Get over yourself if so. No one cares enough that would require someone to maintain 3 profiles. Nor do any of us care that you have "890 friends lol." Are there even material differences?

Just get rid of 2, both for the fact that it could (although I have no idea) be illegal, and the fact that, to echo previous posts, is just plain odd.

What do you do when an employer sees a pic of a "random 22 yro dude" then meets you?

By the way, does this mean you googled "pictures off 22 year old dudes" ?

Nov 6, 2011 - 11:17am

Seeing as I have only one facebook account and haven't decided to make another, the next time you do, I would read the EULA/Terms of Use that you are agreeing to. If there is a clause that states that having more than one account or falsifying your identity violates the terms of service, then yes, you are doing something illegal and can be, under certain sections of US legislation relating to computers (ie, and not limited to, and including, the CFAA, the Patriot Act and ITERA), charged with having violated the law. Unfortunately, this area of law has not yet been fully fleshed out given that it is truly in its infancy. As a result, if legal action is brought, you have the grounds for an interesting series of lawsuits on your hands.

Your buddy in Law School is pretty much right here... and that would hold doubly true if he's taken any courses of cyberspace and law.

Nov 6, 2011 - 11:32am

Cyberspace law pretains to intentionally falsifying with the intent to defraud or decieve. So its highly doubtful that you would be prosecuted under the law unless you are trying to steal someones id. However it has been stated before regarding the EULA, this is a tricky grey area. With my understanding of the law, Facebook can not press charges against you if you dont have the intent to defraud. However they can terminate your accounts, block your IP address, ect ect if their EULA does infact prohibit having multiple accounts.

With that being said, one you are a douche for having multiple facebook accounts, and you are an even bigger douche for asking about it here.

If you are so worried about people finding out stuff about you. Maybe you should consider cleaning up your account or deleteing it.

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