Is it OK to network with a Wealth Management analyst during weekend

Hi everyone, asking someone out for coffee is kind of alien to me so I'm looking forward to your advice!

I've been thinking to ask some connects (analyst/associate) on the street out for coffee this weekend, aiming to consolidate the connection for future full-time positions falling into AM category. My college is in a 3-tier mid west city and there is always a shit load of coursework each week, so this weekend is an unusual opportunity which I'd like to make the most of. Does it seem OK to ask someone out during weekend or will I come across brash? What else should I pay special attention to ?

Another thing I'm deeply worried about is, I haven't had internship lined up this summer but I'm networking for full-time opportunities next year. I interviewed with this bank last fall but didn't make the cut. What should I say if the connect asks me about my internship plan or interview with his bank? Will he get pissed or disappointed? Networking with someone in the flesh is so nerve wrecking.

Thank you all for the suggestion!

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Mar 15, 2019