Is it okay to start a YouTube channel?

I have been wanting to start a YouTube channel for quite some time now. However, I'm reluctant to start it because I don't want to turn off the firms I am interning with this summer or anyone else I might work with in the future. I don't plan on sharing my personal life and being embarrassing. I plan on being professional as possible on the channel. But still, I worry. What do you guys think? Is it okay for a future banker to start a youtube channel?

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Jan 10, 2022 - 10:34pm

So, I just published a book and had many of the same concerns as you: The Pitchbook: A Banking Analyst's Tale of Markets, Millions, and Mayhem. I even had a similar WSO post asking everyone whether to publish under a pen name or not.

Now that the book is out, I'm not sure what I was so worried about. If anything, the response has been overwhelmingly positive from coworkers and colleagues. In fact, I think it helps show people that you're not just a finance NPC, but have interests and hobbies. As long as you stay mostly professional and produce good quality material, I think you'll be fine.

Note also that early in my career, I was a political writer which is perhaps even more controversial. Google my name and a bunch of old articles still pop up. It has never come up in my career. By the way, check out the book - the amazon link has a preview to the first few chapters.

Jan 10, 2022 - 10:50pm

It depends on the content as well. Some forms of content are much more stigmatizing than others, and it might help let the forum take a read of the idea. Hunting endangered species might be more controversial than running a coffee channel. It really all depends.

Jan 10, 2022 - 11:12pm

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