Is it too forward to ask about internships in the initial cold email?

Hi all,

I know it's extremely late for 2018 internships. I'm obviously not expecting anything too serious, given my age (rising sophomore) and the time at which I'm applying. I honestly just want an unpaid internship in PWM or IB to get some exposure to the industry.

Is it too forward to ask about unpaid internship opportunities in the initial cold email? I feel like it's my best choice, since I don't really have time to network and establish more organic connections at this point.

Also, in your opinion is it best to mention unpaid in the email, or do I ask about internships in general in the off-chance they offer me something paid? I have a 4.0 from an ivy, if that makes any difference.


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May 22, 2018

it's fine to ask if they're open to having an intern for the summer. Don't need to mention the unpaid bit

May 22, 2018