Is it true that from where one gets their undergraduate degree matters?

Q1. Is it true that if you go to an ivy league for undergraduate, it doesn't matter what you study if you want to break into ib so long as you can show that you are hungry and smart enough to learn? I am not talking about HYP; I am referring to the College at UPenn, Columbia, and Dartmouth... specifically the College at UPenn's :)

I am trying to choose whether to go 40k in debt to finish my undergraduate degree at an Ivy league university or a plain old rankless school. I am a poli-sci major, economics minor. I have done an internship at ML PWM. I have also done some business consulting stuff to help some small businesses in my community. Before I started college, I also worked on the commercial side of BOA and won some sales awards.

My other questions are:
Q2. If person A has an MBA or masters from a top 10 program but has a bachelors degree from a low ranking school (i.e., either a community college or extension school), will IB care about person A's undergraduate education at all?

Q3. Do most IB ask for transcripts or do they want to see a copy of your diploma? Just curious.

Q4. How high of a GPA does IB want to see when you are trying to break in as a non-finance major from an ivy league?

Any extra advice would be greatly appreciated, especially hard advice. Thanks.

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