Is it true that traders just do coke all the time?

Some guy was telling me that traders just do coke all the time. Is that a myth or fact? I am really curious

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Did you watch Wolf of Wall Street?

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I meant my comment as a joke.

I'm a junior but from what I've understand from talking to friends on the street, it's that Coke is no different than in college really, except everyone now has the money for it rather than just the rich kids. You won't be pressured to do it and who does and doesn't depends on your friend group.

Also worth noting that not every bank has a necessary drinking culture like people believe. You might have to go to Happy Hour and stuff with your group or class, but don't have to go out on weekends if you're the stay in type; it's just that most people in Banking are not the stay-in type


Some guy told me in a bar trading is like the Wolf of Wall-Street and I was very dubious.


I think that his attempt to hit on you. It's not logical to use coke as a stimulant to stay alert during market hours as it wears off way too fast and traders would legit be blow-ing their whole salary on coke if that's how they used it.


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