Is it weird to bring lunch to work instead of eating takeout for every meal?

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The people on my team leave the office for lunch every day and get takeout. I'd much rather bring my own home-cooked meals instead of eating greasy restaurant food all the time. Is it a weird move to be the guy who brings lunch to work instead of joining the rest of the team? As much as I want to be social, I also want to stay in shape (many of my co-workers are not in great health due to a sedentary IB lifestyle filled with constant booze and a Seamless diet)

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Jun 12, 2019

No not weird at all. Just go every once in awhile (once a week) or even just join them but don't buy anything. Say "I brought lunch but I could use a walk."

You're probably overthinking it.

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Jun 12, 2019

Only if its in a crinkled up brown paper bag with a rotting banana and a bent yoplait

Jun 12, 2019