Is it worth getting an internship during sophomore summer?

Have very little IB experience, and was hoping to gain experience with modeling and valuations with an IB firm over summer but Im afraid that then it will be too late for me as my interviews for EB/BB would take place around the spring time.

Anyway how I could leverage in the future internship into my interviews? Or should I just stick with what I have as its already kind of too late…

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Jan 10, 2022 - 2:03am

Would I simply say that I will be interning at the firm to gain experience? Or is there no point because I wouldnt have any experiences that would help me for my interviews which would take place before my IB internship even starts…

Jan 10, 2022 - 4:15am

Certainly try to find a relevant internship for sophomore summer. There are numerous benefits, primarily the demonstration of interest

Put it as an incoming position on your resume. To my knowledge this is standard practice (I did it) for undergrads especially given the accelerated nature of recruiting 

"Incoming summer intern at boutique investment banking firm specializing in providing M&A advisory to the XX industry"

Also, not all firms will recruit before the summer begins. Some very notable firms (GS, CVP, PJT) recruit during and after the summer. Anyone can add or correct me here as I signed for SA prior to summer so didn't recruit for these

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Jan 10, 2022 - 9:16am

You have to look at the timelines of each firm. For the past few years HL FRG, EVR, PWP, PJT RSSG, PWP, GUGG, GHL, MOE, BX PE, and Ares PE have recruited prior to the summer. PJT M&A and CVP are usually during/after. Idk much about BBs but I believe most of them are during/after the summer

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Jan 10, 2022 - 12:35pm

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