Pardon my ignorance, but I'm looking for internships and I see quite a few for this field. It doesn't directly seem to involve finance that much, and for one of the positions I'm applying for, it seems to consist of a lot of "processing rent adjustments" and "making utility analysis spreadsheets" in Excel. I know that this obviously isn't even close to being REPE, and the role itself will be more BO, but I'm a non target with bad stats currently doing a back office internship, and would appreciate simply getting an internship where I can at least say I did something related to finance. This sounds like it's at least more "embellishable" than my current BO..

Some more info, this firm is partnered with several major accounting/tax companies. They do a lot of "real estate underwriting, compliance , structuring, financing, consulting,etc." Their professionals seem to come from portfolio management backgrounds.

I'm ignorant once again, and don't know what half of that stuff mean. I only know that it's obviously not a fund that invests in real estate. Would having this kind of real estate experience give you any leg up for REPE in the future though?

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accidental post sorry

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