Is PE consulting / deal sourcing / transaction services considered FO?

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Hello y'all,

Just had a phone interview with a company that presents themselves as a PE consulting and deal sourcing firm. I was looking for an internship and she asked which division I would be more interested in.

Obviously, consulting is probably out because of the travel involved (but she indicated having me meet the team for full-time consideration next spring). So realistically I'll be looking at doing a Fall internship in their deal sourcing team or financial services division.

I don't think this is PE shop in the strict sense but the services they offer are:

Transaction Services:
Financial Due Diligence
Post-Transaction Services
Portfolio Company EXIT Program

Would anyone consider this a FO role? And as an MSF student would this be a no-brainer internship that should at least position me well for an IB/PE Analyst position coming out?

Thanks for the input