Is the GMAT really more competitive than the SAT?

Is the GMAT really more competitive than the SAT? I was wondering bc not everyone goes to grad school, so you will have those people who work in terrific jobs who don't need an MBA or any other grad program. I understand that not everyone goes to college, too, but, you have lots of people that you were competing in during your high school years who are taking the GRE for their Master of Arts/PhD programs. Also, you have all of those law school candidates. With that, I think it should be about the same, no?

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Apr 26, 2018

Unless you find a way to quantify "competitiveness" there will be no objective answer to your question. Personally, I think it's more competitive because you have a self-selected pool of competitive candidates. Almost everybody takes the SAT/ACT, even unmotivated high school students. So it is easy to outscore a portion of those students. But anybody looking to take the GMAT is inherently motivated, otherwise they would not be looking to go to grad school. It is harder to score in the top 1% of a pool of motivated candidates than a pool which essentially reflects the general population.

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Apr 26, 2018

If your question boils down to "Is it harder to get xx percercentile?" then yes, both because pool is self-selecting and most people who take it likely commit to serious studying. Plenty of people I know could wing the SAT (no prep at all in some cases) and score 95th percentile or better - very very few people can do that on the GMAT.

Apr 26, 2018