Is the rat race and the hustle worth it ?

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I found out that the Chairman of the company I work at today died at 65 due to cancer. The dude was a freaking legend. Hung out with heads of nations, leaders of third world nations, and did some pretty shady stuff but built an empire like no other.

He was in it for the passion - not to impress anyone so he isn't a famous personality. But he had it all, the money, the image, the high life. I remember seeing his $8000 Rolex Submariner and thinking god damn I'm poor.

He came from nothing, trailer park background apparently. But he managed to build a company with a market cap of $6 billion.

My question is - so despite having achieved it all he's as mortal as the guy next door, maybe even more since 65 is a young age.

He used to travel 3 weeks a month according to the company annual report which contained a tribute/eulogy type thing.