Is there a room for an internship in masters in finance program in US?

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I have been looking for masters in finance program in US and I have observed that a lot of high ranked masters program be it Vanderbilt or Mccombs or Boston University have a program length of around 10 months. Is it possible to fit an internship there. The reason I'm so concerned with the possibility of doing an internship during masters is because I don't have any industry relevant experience. I have done few internships but those are in the domain of marketing, I have also worked full time for 1 year in a Big 4 firm but that was in taxation. I am hopeful that if I could do an internship during my post graduation, I could possibly convert it into a full time gig. I have observed that slightly lower ranked schools such as Babson and Simon have a longer duration and maybe there's a room to do an internship but at Babson's website, I couldn't find any information about doing any internship.
If someone is aware of these programs, could you please guide me here.

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Sep 7, 2019