is this a corporate development job?

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My background is mainly in finance/accounting roles with F500 companies. Hold bachelors degree in finance plus MBA/CPA.

I came across the job below which interests me, but it isn't clear to me whether this role falls within Business Development, Corporate Development, Corporate Strategy, or some hybrid of the above. My background is mainly accounting so I'm not very familiar with these areas, but the role appears to be something I may enjoy/do well in.

Any feedback on the role from those with experience or knowledge of these areas is much appreciated. Any idea on comp for this type of role? Future opportunities or exit ops? Type of level this might fall within? It appears to have some strategic elements but also lists business development responsibilities.

Job Title: Financial Business Development Strategist
Company: Diversified manufacurer with $15B+ sales

Job description:

  • Evaluate business development opportunities
  • Coordination of competitive assessments
  • Development of executive presentations
  • Strategic Planning activities
  • Pitch presentation creation
  • Competitive analysis oversight
  • Market analysis
  • Prepares high impact business cases including strategic, financial, and market analysis for strategic plans
  • Analysis of market drivers, competitors, and value propositions to develop forward looking insights to efficiently drive management decisions and improve financial results
  • Perform in depth market, competitive, and financial analysis
  • Analyze financial reports, press releases, and other competitive intelligence documents to build a strong internal capability for competitive assessment and market intelligence
  • Ability to fully understand business dynamics and take initiative to develop thorough understanding. Desire to be responsible party for information collection and turning that information an understandable business case to present to corporate leadership team

Basic qualifications:

  • Bachelors degree in Business, Finance, Accounting or related field from an accredited institution
  • Minimum of 5 years experience in one or more of the following areas: Business Development, Product Management, Marketing, Finance or Strategic Planning

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Oct 15, 2017


Oct 15, 2017

definitely not corporate development in the M&A sense.
I'd say this is a mix of strategic intelligence, biz dev (sales, partnerships) and some strategy (not corporate). I'd guess 85k comp with small shot at exit opps to corp strategy within the same company or industry.

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Oct 15, 2017
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