Hey guys,

I posted once earlier about taking a very non-typical route into FO Banking (particularly IB) and I know its going to be difficult and unlikely. Anyways, as a first job right now, its very difficult to land anything good from my position. However, I speak Polish (and German), and so I looked into jobs in Poland as a way to gain some initial post-undergrad experience.

The best offer I have come across thus far, is a small company in Poland, which is part of a larger company, and they develop credit reports for international customers (export credit insurance companies, banks, information resellers, large multinational financial corporations, etc). They pay fairly well (for Polish standards), and I'd have a pretty good deal of independence, creating credit reports about companies from scratch (and sometimes Industry reports and Country Reports)... My official title is Junior Specialist in International Credit (Risk).

My main question is, will grad schools and big investment banks find this relevant, or do they shit on small firm experience? That's my main question I guess, will they think it was good experience dealing with different aspects of credit risk and risk evaluation, which will help me get into IB?

Note: I hope to work in Europe or South America in the future, not really so attracted by the US....

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