Is this normal? Situation after final round interview

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Hi, so I interviewed with a big private company's corporate development analyst position a little bit more than a month ago. They only recruit 1 person for that position. The process consisted of 3 rounds. HR 1st round, group director 2nd round, group manager (ranks lower than the director) and the department head (also a C-level guy) 3rd round. The group director likes me as he put me in the final round before our interview finished.

It's been over a month and the HR told me that the team is still in the process of reviewing notes/resumes and communicating feedbacks. I'm not sure how many people were/are in the final round.

Does this mean I don't have chance anymore? Or does it mean they put me on the Waitlist? Or they are just really too busy (small team, 6 people right now) to talk about the decision? I still feel like it's unusual to tell people 1 month after the final round that the company is still in the process of a decision.

Thank you.

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Nov 25, 2018