Is WoodBridge International a serious competitor to LMM/MM IB Boutiques?

Just was curious as to what people's thoughts are on Woodbridge International. For some background, this is their process (from their website).

Target companies with 5-250mm in revenue and >1mm EBITDA with a 150 Day Timeline Driven Auction

Proprietary database of 4,500 private equity groups and 350,000 strategic companies with a customized to 15,000 - 25,000 contacts per deal

Average 150 books (Offering Memos) out per deal and receive on average 15 bids per deal

Additional notes:
I've heard they invest a lot on SEO so when people search for ie "sell my company" Woodbridge's name comes to the top of google etc (not confirmed).

Employees seem to be broken up into three major groups: Underwriting, Marketing and Closing (Linkedin). Salaries from Glassdoor seem much lower than IB coming in around <100k all in.

The two major caveat to their model (AFAIK):

I know IB is relationship based so larger deals would be harder for Woodbridge to take a piece in but is it reasonable that they can take a lion's share of the LMM/MM M&A space.

Sell side exclusive:
From what I've seen they don't really do buyside engagements, cap raises, advisory etc.

Thoughts? Would this a be company worth getting into for IB experience?

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Feb 11, 2019