IU Kelley vs Rutgers Business School

Hi, I got accepted into RBS and IU Kelley and I am bit confused on what is the best option for me.  I want to major in finance and possibly minor in information systems. 

I got into IU Hutton Honors College and I got a nice scholarship so my total cost to attend oos is about 46k.

However, for RBS I didn't get into the honors program but my total cost to attend per year is 36k. 

There's a lot of hype around IU Kelley's IB workshop but I don't even want to go into IB and would rather stay in corporate finance or consulting or something else like information systems. Which school would be better to go to considering my cost and the output I would get in the end? I would obviously work hard at both schools but does one school give me better advantages than another? 

Like in the end, would I get similar paying jobs at both schools, or would IU allow me to get a better job because of its rank and everything? 

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Apr 3, 2021 - 3:43pm

IU 100% - a lot of people pitch IU and the IBW together, but Kelley offers so many opportunities for students not interested in IB. There are workshops for many different industries (i.e. the consulting workshop places well into MBB and T2 firms) and Kelley has a lot of connections to large corporations. In regards to information systems, IU has a program that is growing quickly and a lot of Kelley students pick up a major/minor from the Informatics school. I think the ~40K extra in tuition at the end of your college career would be worth it if you attended IU. You will have a better reach to companies in a wide-array of industries and cities. 

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