I've been told about job openings at BBs - is it too direct to reach out to staffers I don't know?

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So I've been told about certain groups having a hiring need, but don't know anyone personally who works in those groups...I do have analyst friends in other groups however, and was thinking of asking them the names of people in the groups that are hiring and directly reaching out to them thru mail/LinkedIn and setting up a meeting...is this too direct, or should I simply go through HR/online app? Bit of background - first year in bb trading trying to switch to IBD anywhere...not sure how hiring works in IBD groups but have been told generally MDs and staffers make hiring decisions, but I know neither any MDs nor staffers, so trying to figure out how to approach these openings

Any feedback would be appreciated....thanks!

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May 6, 2013

Why not have your analyst friends refer you to these groups? Always better with some sort of connection. Applying online is like not applying at all. No guarantee HR will ever see your app.

May 6, 2013

I'm not sure if they can "refer" me to those groups if they don't even know anyone in those groups...ill have to check if those firms have an internal referral system of some kind..

May 6, 2013

Large banks always have an internal referral system. They hire first through referrals and if they don't find anyone decent they move onto online applications. Anything coming from the inside will be considerably better than online apps. But I agree, it will prob. have to be someone higher up.

May 6, 2013