I've received a SA offer, but how do I get the specific group I want?

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I got an offer from a BB in the MO. There are different groups such as FP&A, controllers, tax, treasury, M&A, etc. How can I express which group I want? Should I email HR or just take whatever they give me?

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Mar 14, 2012

Assuming that MO works like FO, there should be a formal placement process where they will send you a list of all the different group options, and contact info for people in those groups (so you can reach out to them). Then you should email the people in the groups you want, set up informational calls, etc. Eventually you'll be asked to rank your preferences, and the groups will also indicate which interns they want (and it'll all be matched up).

Again, that's how FO works, maybe it's totally different for MO, but maybe it's the same.

Congrats on the offer!

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  •  Mar 14, 2012

thanks. so do you think I should still reach out to HR

Mar 15, 2012

Definitely. Don't be pushy or anything, but just ask how the group selection process works, what is the timeline, and if there is anything you should/can be doing in the meantime.

Feb 25, 2017