Ivy League Charity Stream - Circle Around?

Just flagging an ongoing charity stream hosted by the Ivy League+ schools and their affiliated clubs.

Currently Streaming the Winners Bracket [Stanford and Brown]

Stream Link: https://www.twitch.tv/yaleesports Campaign Fundraiser Link: https://tiltify.com/@yaleesports/ivy-vs-covid-19-1...

One of my younger sibs helped put this whole event together with 9 other colleges, so even just one click might help! I know it's a bit cheesy for the older bro in finance to help out a younger student, but I think this is generating some stir at least within some communities.

Banks seem the most interested in learning more tbh, at least from what I can tell. We have personal contacts at some pretty legitimate firms and professional teams;

One of their official sponsors: www.instagram.com/tsm

Was wondering what you all think in terms of the potential for circling these links around a bit. Testing the waters at first but seeing where we can go from there, realistically during the rest of the night.

Feel free to do what you want with the links! They are informational and easy to share if you have the time to even just like this post! (not begging for likes I swear)

Enjoy your Saturday or your day while you WFH

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Apr 25, 2020