JD vs MBA for Consulting career progression

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So I'm undecided between an MBA, JD, or MBA/JD. Given my academic and professional background I'm relatively confident of being admitted at strong programs in both. So my conundrum is that with a JD I could do legal aid work that I am passionate about and as I eventually want to run for office there are several offices that require a law degree (city attorney, state AG). However, until I run for office my professional hopes are to work in management consulting and do volunteer legal aid work 8-10 hours a week on the side. Ideally I'd spend 10-15 years as a consultant before running for my first office and would like to have the opportunity to become a partner at MBB. Is it possible to pursue such a career with a JD or would I need to get an MBA to reach the upper echelons of top consulting firms?

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Aug 9, 2017
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