JD/MBA: GPA Bar on the Law Side?

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Been thinking about a JD/MBA coming from a banking (and hopefully PE background). I know that the law degree isn't instrumentally the best career choice and I'll be foregoing two years of income for doing it, but honestly I'm just too damn curious about the intellectual experience to pass it up. I come from a fairly liberal arts background pre-my very business-oriented top target (not hard to guess), have always found the analysis of law and history/literature to be a great "style" of thinking, and I took law or law-adjacent classes at least once a year through U-grad.

Problem is, at top-tier JD/MBA programs (H/Y/S), the GPAs are usually sky-high with humanities majors. I'd likely be applying a ~3.7, EB banking background, and (hopefully) MF/upper MM PE job, would there be any "give" to the law school GPA evaluation? If not, I'd likely be looking at a prayer of getting in and lowest-quartile stats (even with a perfect/near-perfect LSAT).

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Apr 3, 2016

If a program won't let you in with great work experience, simply because you have ~3.7 vs 3.9, doesn't that speak volumes about the quality and priorities of the program? If they're only looking for the 'gifted' humanities types, usually without WE, I'd avoid the program- you want to be surrounded by classmates that impress and push you to succeed professionally.

Apr 4, 2016

Near perfect/perfect LSAT with a 3.7 has a ~90% chance of HLS: http://harvard.lawschoolnumbers.com/stats/1516

Oct 23, 2017