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Hey has anyone else been in the preliminary interviewing stage with JLL at the moment? 

Submitted my application in December and had an initial phone screening interview a week later with an HR lady at HQ (it went well). She said she's pushing my application along to the next stage and HR team that is in the city I applied to. She said to expect to hear from them the last week of December or this first week of January but haven't heard anything else from them yet. Anyone else in the same boat? Should I just chill out and be patient with everyone settling back in to the first work week?

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  • Associate 2 in RE - Comm
Jan 6, 2021 - 6:07pm

From firsthand experience (I worked for JLL a while ago), they are SLOW and you're at the mercy of that city's JLL Office now seeing as HR has moved you along. Your best bet is to hang tight for now IMO.

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